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Strategy: College Marketing is a Bigger Opportunity Than Most Brands Realize

 It’s time to stop visualizing three 19 year olds sitting under a tree in the campus quad every time you hear “college marketing.” In truth, less than a third of U.S. undergraduates are “traditional” full-time,...

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Non-Profit Highlight: SheJumps

Did you know that SIA has over 30 non-profit members dedicated to promoting winter sports? If you did, congrats. If you didn’t, that’s okay, because we’ll be highlighting these members in our new Snow Source non-profit member spotlight series.

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How Brands are Meeting Growing Demand for Women’s-Specific Designs

Stretch, soft-to-hand fabrics, heat-holding features and flattering form are all key design elements in women’s apparel for 2016-17. That recipe isn’t oh-so-simple—and the pressure is on: Last season, women’s outerwear sales rose 13 percent in dollars sold, jumping to $783 million, according to...

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Snow Sports SEO - New Webinar Friday, May 20th

Did you miss our April 1st webinar on SEO Best Practices for 2016 to Improve Visibility and Stay Protected from Google Penalties?

If so, that’s okay, because on Friday May 20th SIA business service member Colorado SEO Pros will be hosting part two of their webinar series titled, “Tracking SEO...

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Non-Profit Highlight: High Fives Foundation

If your shop or brand has not yet aligned themselves with a SIA member non-profit yet, it might be time to reconsider. We’ll be highlighting SIA non-profit members for the remainder of this month, in hopes of showing you how partnerships can expand your businesses reach – while supporting...

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A Note from SIA's President, Nick Sargent: Three Month Check-In

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Want to Know Which Hot Trends Skiers and Snowboarders Are Flocking To?

Staying on the forefront of current social trends can help snow sports constituents take full advantage of new business opportunities, and help industry brands avoid the pitfalls of missing a trend. The Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project Report on Social Trends is designed to help SIA...

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The Current State of Snow Sports Retailing - "These are strange and challenging times"

As the lifts stop turning and shops switch gears to summer, it seems like a good time to reflect on the past season and on the current state of snow sports specialty retailing. Shop owners are all feeling the changes that the current era has brought, and many are finding good ways to roll with...

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The Millennial Mindset: The new travel consumer


We know that Millennials are having a massive impact on how we program, position and market resort offerings. Everyone wants the fickle attention of that Millennial customer. But there’s a lot more going on. Millennial thinking is now influencing what Baby Boomers and Generation X travelers...

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Industry Retailers Rising Above and Beyond While Promoting Passion & Growth in Snow Sports

Each year, we honor outstanding retailers in the snow sports industry. These are the industry proponents who rise above and beyond to build relationships, engage customers and support brands, all while promoting passion and growth in snow sports. Retailers are voted on by suppliers and reps. The...

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