Pennsylvania Ski Areas On the Path To Becoming a "Mecca" for Millennials

Pennsylvania may well be on its way to establishing itself as a formidable "ski state" particularly among Millennials, according to a new research study conducted for SkiPA by RRC Associates. A contributing factor is Pennsylvania's close proximity to several major metropolitan areas including Pitts...

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What to do with Your Influencer Program in the Off Season

Influencer marketing - enabling social media thought leaders to tell your brand's story - in the outdoor industry faces unique challenges compared to other markets (a few examples might be food products, casual/non-technical lifestyle goods, electronics).

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Evo Founder Bryce Phillips on The Sessions @ SIA

SIA + TWB THE SESSIONS @ SIA Just released: Bryce Phillips, founder of Evo

Bryce Phillips, founder and CEO of Evo, is a great example of a business owner who is doing the right thing for independent retail. Opening his second location in Portland, Oregon less than a year ago, the entrepreneur has co...

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Psychographics – The Next Level of Information about Snow Sports Consumers

The SIA Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project takes SIA members beyond demographics to give you a complete view of skier and snowboarder psychographics.  Psychographics identify common personality traits, values, opinions, attitudes, interests and lifestyles of defined groups – like skiers and snow...

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Never Summer’s Jenna Malmquist and Chris Harris on Never Summer’s Story, Making Sims Boards, and Staying Righteous

We recently toured the incredible Never Summer factory, which was eye opening in so many ways. Not only was it fascinating to see the boards made from start to finish and to learn about what goes into the process, but it was also a closer look into a company with a great history and staunch integrit...

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Recipe For Success

I was reading a National Retail Federation newsletter recently ( that featured an article about a new retail concept store opening this month in the Boston area. 

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#SIAtalks with Lindsey Sine of The North Face

“When you love skiing or snowboarding in the industry…you never escape that love and I think that the snow sports community is such a tight knit group of people and I really love being around so many like-minded people.” 

We caught up with Lindsey Sine of The North Face at the 2015 SIA Snow Show whe...

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Implementing California's Paid Sick Leave Law: 10 ACTION ITEMS

As you may know, beginning July 1st, California employers are required to provide paid sick leave.  Below is an Employment Alert from DLA Piper regarding these new requirements. As you know, SIA’s General Counsel, Mark Muedeking, is a Partner in that firm, so if you have any additional questions, y...

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Building a Tribe: To Connect With Millennials, Brands Are Most Successful When They Stop Thinking and Start Feeling

After speaking with many industry leaders, somehow this multi-faceted and sometimes overwhelming issue of how to engage with Gen Y seems to be boiling down into a very simple truth. The snow sports businesses that are most successful on this issue seem to be the ones who aren’t necessarily trying. ...

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GES Achieves Environmental Sustainability Certification

GES exceeds APEX/ASTM Level One certification and achieves Level Two


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