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The Top 12 All-Mountain Skis of All Time

It’s March…. cabin fever sets in…..

It’s official…that twitchy feeling we all experience this time of year to dig out our flip flops from storage and bask in some sweet Vitamin D filled sunshine.

How To Fly With Your Boots

Traveling through airports is the great equalizer. Nothing gives us more freedom, yet subjects us to cattle-like status, moving through a highly controlled environment, our fate completely in the hands of others. Airline travel is a reminder that each of us is no better nor worse than any of our...

2017 Snow Show Recap

With the first week of March upon us, we know you’re with us thinking about some spring turns (and maybe even summer turns)! Corn, anyone? With snow on the mind as the Northwest gets pummeled with yet another record-breaking month of snowfall, and the Northeast revels in its post February...

Keeping it Real Fun

Keeping it Real Fun

Nick's Notes - February 2017

Thanks to all who came out to the 2017 Snow Show and the On-Snow Demo. We were pleased with the renewed sense of energy and excitement surrounding the Show and hope you were too.  As we consider many options for the path forward, we want to hear from you! I have added the link to a Snow Show...

In Between Seasons

A tale of two seasons…..



As the pinnacle event of the winter industry, the Snow Show provides the ideal platform to connect suppliers and retailers across all facets of the winter business, showcase new innovations, and celebrate the snow community. With revamped exhibit...

Great Stores Are Still The Best Way To Make Consumers Love A Brand - article by Richard Kestenbaum at Forbes

We met Richard at the SIA Snow Show to talk about what's going on in winter sports retail. His insights came to fruition in this most recent artilce:

SIA Snow Show Dailies - Here They Are!

If by some chance you missed this year's SIA Snow Show and On Snow Demo (we are still here at Copper's your work day?), then here are the links to all the issues online. Huge kudos to our publishing partner / creative content wranglers at AIM - couldn't do it without you.