Product Field Testing Apps

Rapid technology advancements have created a continuous stream of new services geared toward snow sports manufacturers. Now with today's mobile industry, product testing technologies can allow consumers to understand what products will do for them and which products are the best value....

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Who Are The Balanced Warriors?

Who is the  Balanced Warrior?  She may have been core in the past, now she has a family, her job has become more important, but she is still an athlete that takes excellent care of herself

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SIA Hiring Three New Positions at Park City Office

SIA just announced it’s moving out west, and with that transition, we are looking to add new talent to our roster. Check out the job listings below, and contact for more information.

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SIA’s President Weighs In on Show Date and Relocation News

It's been a month since I last reached out.  And quite a month it’s been! 

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Two Spots Remain for SIA’s Summer Media Event

This is your chance to connect with top non-endemic media in NYC.


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Preparing for the Future

Brands and Retailers Reflect on the 2015-2016 Season and the Challenges and Opportunities that Lie Ahead

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Is Women’s Leadership in the Snow Sports Industry on the Rise? And Why Does it Matter? Some Top Industry Leaders Weigh In

According to a new study released recently by the Peterson Institute for International Economics and audit firm EY, out of the 22,000 publicly traded companies that the study reviewed, almost 60 percent had no female board members, more than 50 percent had no female executives, and just under 5...

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PLM: Implementation and Education

By now our industry is pretty well acquainted with the concept of product lifecycle management. Whether it be hardgoods, softgoods, accessories, action cams or gaiters, each individual category has it's own complexities and engineering challenges.

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Merchandising: Home on the Range

I just moved back west after spending almost four years living in Vermont.   In thirteen years I have moved five times.  This most recent move to Montana makes six.  And with each move, either for personal or professional reasons, I drink in the local culture.  I go see the places everyone...

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Strategy: College Marketing is a Bigger Opportunity Than Most Brands Realize

 It’s time to stop visualizing three 19 year olds sitting under a tree in the campus quad every time you hear “college marketing.” In truth, less than a third of U.S. undergraduates are “traditional” full-time,...

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