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It’s March…. cabin fever sets in…..

It’s official…that twitchy feeling we all experience this time of year to dig out our flip flops from storage and bask in some sweet Vitamin D filled sunshine.

In Between Seasons

A tale of two seasons…..

All stores have doors, customers come in through the windows

“All stores have doors, customers come in through the windows.”

Holiday Shopping and Closing the Sale at Retail

Holiday shopping and closing the sale.

Holiday display tips/ideas/inspiration for the busy time

Holiday display tips/ideas/inspiration for the busy time   

Retail Tips: Displays and the importance of keeping it fresh

Who’s ready to talk some trash?  I’m not talking Presidential debate trash – but wallet friendly display ideas that come from unexpected places, like, uh, the trash. Personally I get excited when I see a dumpster full of junk.  I don’t see junk per se, rather possibilities. Like transforming...

Merchandising: Home on the Range

I just moved back west after spending almost four years living in Vermont.   In thirteen years I have moved five times.  This most recent move to Montana makes six.  And with each move, either for personal or professional reasons, I drink in the local culture.  I go see the places everyone...

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Merchandising: Spring Window Trends from NYC

I recently made a quick trip down to NYC to visit my sister before moving back west.  It also gave me an opportunity to snap lots of photos of spring window displays – photos that I refer to often when needing a creative boost for displays of my own. 

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Earth Day 2016 & Merchandising DIY Session Recap

Earth Day is April 22 this year.  In honor of this important landmark, I once again turn to the almighty dumpster as a receptacle, not for junk, but rather a treasure trove of castaway items just waiting to find new homes. I presented a DIY Displays on a Budget session at last year’s SIA Snow...

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Marching Into Spring…

I don’t know about you – but around these parts of northern New England, winter was a flash in the pan.  With the change in temperatures comes that mental shift that tells us it’s time to dig out our bikes from storage and drop them at the local shop for a tune up.

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