SIA Industry Issues – Border Adjustment Tax Update

On behalf of SIA, DLA Piper has been keeping close tabs on the Border Adjustment Tax issue in Washington, D.C. As it may impact a number of SIA members, we want to provide this brief update: It is very early in the process and there are no concrete proposals at this point. Nevertheless, lobbying for and against […]

Retail Talk – Back to the 80’s.

Back to the 80’s. In 1983, Dallas was the number one show on CBS; Risky Business hit it big at the box office and a gallon of milk cost $1.25. For a nostalgic look at how retail used to be, look no further than Frederick Wiseman’s 1983 documentary The Store. The Store follows the daily […]

Nick’s Notes – March17

    Spring is here and I couldn’t be more thrilled to hear about how the snow continues to be great pretty much anywhere and everywhere you go! I’m sharing this month’s notes a bit later than usual because we have been waist-deep in planning for the year ahead. Our goal of reshaping the vision […]

Guest Post – Jackson Hogen at

When asked what sort of ski a prospective buyer is searching for, by far the most common answer is “an all-mountain ski.” After all, doesn’t everyone want a ski that at least purports to do everything reasonably well? Yet all-mountain skis are a relatively new development, appearing for the first time in the mid-90’s.  Before […]

It’s March…. cabin fever sets in…..

It’s official…that twitchy feeling we all experience this time of year to dig out our flip flops from storage and bask in some sweet Vitamin D filled sunshine. It’s the time of year when we start counting down the hours to spring getaways that will keep our minds off mud long enough to make it […]

How To Fly With Your Boots

    Traveling through airports is the great equalizer. Nothing gives us more freedom, yet subjects us to cattle-like status, moving through a highly controlled environment, our fate completely in the hands of others. Airline travel is a reminder that each of us is no better nor worse than any of our fellow travelers.   […]