Product Field Testing Apps

Rapid technology advancements have created a continuous stream of new services geared toward snow sports manufacturers. Now with today's mobile industry, product testing technologies can allow consumers to understand what products will do for them and which products are the best value....

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PLM: Implementation and Education

By now our industry is pretty well acquainted with the concept of product lifecycle management. Whether it be hardgoods, softgoods, accessories, action cams or gaiters, each individual category has it's own complexities and engineering challenges.

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Strategy: College Marketing is a Bigger Opportunity Than Most Brands Realize

 It’s time to stop visualizing three 19 year olds sitting under a tree in the campus quad every time you hear “college marketing.” In truth, less than a third of U.S. undergraduates are “traditional” full-time,...

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Snow Sports SEO - New Webinar Friday, May 20th

Did you miss our April 1st webinar on SEO Best Practices for 2016 to Improve Visibility and Stay Protected from Google Penalties?

If so, that’s okay, because on Friday May 20th SIA business service member Colorado SEO Pros will be hosting part two of their webinar series titled, “Tracking SEO...

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The Millennial Mindset: The new travel consumer


We know that Millennials are having a massive impact on how we program, position and market resort offerings. Everyone wants the fickle attention of that Millennial customer. But there’s a lot more going on. Millennial thinking is now influencing what Baby Boomers and Generation X travelers...

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Snow Sports and Outdoor Companies Thrive in Cloud ERP

People are turning to the great outdoors for sports and recreation in ever greater numbers. A 2015 survey by the Outdoor Foundation found that approximately 141.4 million Americans—nearly half the population—have participated in at least one outdoor activity, be it camping, white water rafting,...

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Nostalgia, Tradition and Trust: Outdoor Millennials and Brand Legacy

When you were a kid, if your nose was running from the cold crisp air, your mom offered a Kleenex, not a tissue. If you cut yourself climbing a tree, she offered a Band-Aid, not an adhesive bandage. And when you sipped hot cocoa around the campfire she served it in a Thermos, not an insulated...

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Millennial Women – More Than Meets the Eye

In our September post, we shared results from our Spawn Ideas “The Women and Gear Study” survey that asked women to share what they wanted out of their outdoor gear. Women responded by sharing brands they thought were “getting it right,” including REI and SmartWool—because these brands...

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Retail Preparedness – EVM Liability Shift and Inventory Management Guidelines.

I sat down with Scott Smith, the Director of Operations at SIA member company Management One, to get his take on the new credit card processing requirements and inventory shop management.

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What Does Your Marketing Tell Women About Your Brand?

Are you giving women the emotional connection with the outdoors they want from your brand? Women are looking for a brand story they can relate to, identify and engage with — and promote and include — as part of a personal collection of “badges.” One that tells the world, “hey, this is who I am...

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