Merchandising: Home on the Range

I just moved back west after spending almost four years living in Vermont.   In thirteen years I have moved five times.  This most recent move to Montana makes six.  And with each move, either for personal or professional reasons, I drink in the local culture.  I go see the places everyone...

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Merchandising: Spring Window Trends from NYC

I recently made a quick trip down to NYC to visit my sister before moving back west.  It also gave me an opportunity to snap lots of photos of spring window displays – photos that I refer to often when needing a creative boost for displays of my own. 

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Earth Day 2016 & Merchandising DIY Session Recap

Earth Day is April 22 this year.  In honor of this important landmark, I once again turn to the almighty dumpster as a receptacle, not for junk, but rather a treasure trove of castaway items just waiting to find new homes. I presented a DIY Displays on a Budget session at last year’s SIA Snow...

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Marching Into Spring…

I don’t know about you – but around these parts of northern New England, winter was a flash in the pan.  With the change in temperatures comes that mental shift that tells us it’s time to dig out our bikes from storage and drop them at the local shop for a tune up.

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Lost in Space: #SIA16 Booth Design

It’s hard to believe that another SIA Snow Show has come and gone.  Yet, here I sit, bags unpacked, going through my pictures from Denver. As I sort through my photos from the show floor, I focus my efforts on pinpointing common themes that start to emerge in the form of color, texture and...

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Home Field Advantage

I’ve written about Liza Cannon, an incredibly talented and visionary visual merchandiser who works for Outdoor Gear Exchange, in Burlington, Vermont.

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When Mother Nature Hands You Lemons

It’s no secret that this has been one of the warmest December’s on record in the northeast.  With temperatures soaring well into the 60’s on Christmas Eve in Stowe, VT, where I live, it has many of us who are dependent on snow for our livelihood scratching our heads and waiting for the jet...

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When it Comes to Customer Satisfaction - Are You Experienced?

The customer experience is what drives sales at retail. According to Bloomberg News, The NRF has forecast $630.5 billion in spending during the November-December holiday period, a 3.7 percent increase over last season. 

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Selling An Experience

Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide: In-Store Events

Our goals are to keep your customers shopping local, participating in snow sports, and bringing business to the snow sports retailer.

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Rebranding a Specialty Outdoor Shop

Twenty years ago, Don Allen was tapped to run a nordic ski shop owned by his then boss located on the Mountain Road in Stowe, Vermont just 3 miles from the Stowe ski resort.

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